Our famous Pecan Pie Cake all dressed up for Mardi Gras. Starting at $35

Gold Painted Strawberries

​              $3.00 each

  ​Mini King Cake Pupcakes               $2.00 each

Cake Ball King Cakes

$35 (36 Cake Balls)

Decorated Sugar Cookies

          $5.00 each

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

          Regular: $1.50 each

          Large: $2.00 each

King Cake Cupcakes $3.00 each

              (Plain or Filled)  

Small quantities are available in the bakery daily. Larger quantities may require a special order.

Valentine's Day

Sugar Cookies  

   $5.00 each

Single Rose Cupcakes

  (Regular Size Only) 

         $4.00 each

Edible Bouquets on board            with greenery:

       6 cupcakes $32

       8 cupcakes $40

      12 cupcakes $57

King Cakes $18.00  ​

With filling - additional $3.00

 Serves approximately 15 (depends on serving size)   **Special order only** 

Mardi Gras Treats

Valentine's Day Treats

Artificial rose petal wrapped cupcake bites. Flavor choices:

      (DBC, GV, WC, RV)

      4 bite box $9.95 

      6 bite box $14.95

King Cake Cake Balls 

​4 bites per pack $6.00 each

or $18 per dozen