How far in advance do you need to place your order? ‚Äč

Orders need to be placed to Cupcake Allie a week in advance.

How do I place an order?

You may call Cupcake Allie at (225) 302-7096 to place orders by phone or you are welcome to come in to the bakery to place your order.

What are the store hours? 

Cupcake Allie on Nicholson Drive is open Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Should I refrigerate the cupcakes after I pick them up?

Cupcakes are best stored and served at room temperature. We do not recommend refrigerating your cupcakes. Any cupcakes not consumed immediately, should be wrapped in plastic wrap or stored in an airtight container.

Can cupcakes be boxed individually?

Cupcake Allie will individually box cupcakes, however, additional charges may apply.

Can cupcakes be ordered gluten-free, sugar-free, or vegan?

We do offer a limited selection of gluten-free cupcakes. We are still working to perfect other recipes as well as create some sugar-free and vegan flavors! Call the bakery for more details.

Can cupcakes be ordered nut-free?

We cannot guarantee that any cupcakes without nuts or nut products are safe to consumed by those with allergies as Cupcake Allie bakes with various nuts at our bakery. We recommend those with nut allergies, use caution when consuming our cupcakes.

Are there any dairy-free cupcakes?

Our chocolate cupcakes are dairy-free. Please call for icing and topping options.

Can cupcakes be custom decorated?

Custom decorations are available. Please call for available options and pricing.

Can orders be delivered?

There is a $30 minimum order for Cupcake Allie to deliver. A $10 delivery fee will be added for deliveries in the Baton Rouge area. Additional fees may apply depending on distance from bakery.

Deliveries can also be made through Waitr, Uber Eats or Tapingo. (See the delivery tab)

What do I need to do for a wedding or special event consultation?

For weddings, appointments need to be made at least three months prior to the event. Please call the bakery to schedule an appointment.

What corporate branding do you offer?

Cupcake Allie can make edible custom logo discs that can be placed on top of the cupcakes. Customized packaging is also available. These options can be discussed during a scheduled consultation.