​​​​**​Year Round Flavors

We bake several of these flavors and add them to our everyday and seasonal flavors for the week.  Not all of these flavors are in the case everyday, but they can be ordered​ at any time during the year.   If they are not in our case that week, you must order a dozen, regular size of the same flavor or two dozen minis of the same flavor.

Mint Chocolate

Chocolate Peanut Butter


​Cookies & Cream

Bananas Foster​


Cherry Almond

Carrot Cake

Caramel Mocha

German Chocolate

Chunky Monkey

Salted Caramel

Coconut Cream

*Everyday Basic Flavors  $2.85

Golden Vanilla                  Wedding Cake
Birthday Cake                   Red Velvet
Death by Chocolate          Pecan Pie($3.00)

  **Year Round  & Seasonal  Flavors                                                          $3.00

*Everyday Basic Flavors

These 6 flavors are in the case everyday!

Golden Vanilla

Birthday Cake

Wedding Cake

Red Velvet

Death by Chocolate

​**Pecan Pie

​​​​**Seasonal Flavors (Winter)

Dec., Jan., Feb.

​We have 3 or 4 of these flavors in the case

each week. They are only available during

the above months.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Cranberry Pistachio

Dark/White Chocolate Raspberry

Eggnog/Eggnog Tres Leches


Hot Chocolate w/Marshmallow

King Cake

Peppermint Bark


***Back Allie Cupcakes

(must be 21 or older to purchase)



Pina Colada

Irish Car Bomb

Strawberry Margarita

Old Fashioned

Additional charges may apply.​ Custom decorating is available. Please contact us for additional pricing information.

Delivery is available within Baton Rouge area.

A minimum order of one dozen regular size or two dozen minis or six jumbos of the same flavor is required unless ordering a flavor offered that week.

***Back Allie Flavors   $3.25

Mini and Jumbo Cupcakes available by special order. A minimum order of 2 dozen minis or 6 jumbo cupcakes is required of the same flavor.

   *Basic Minis- $18.00/dozen

**Pecan Pie Minis- $21.00/dozen 


Jumbos- $4.25 each

Jumbo Pecan Pie- $6.00 each